Electronics Products

VFACE Electronics deals with innovative products with smart and cutting edge technologies in the consumer electronic segments. The VFACE develops the high-level techniques and IT developments in the state of the art technology. In 2020, there will be a usage of 25 billion smart technologies around the world; VFACE offers you the genuine, unique and smart electronic technology and keeps our customer's trust with us. VFACE never compromise on the quality and customer care support. We are the quality people and we innovate to your necessity.

VFACE also designs and develops its electronic products more commonly for home automation services segment and other consumer electronics segment. VFACE realizes that home automation can be very costly and complex to install, but we have designed systems that are very affordable and simple to install with no real technical knowledge required to understand its operation.

We aim to provide you electronic products that will give you ease & convenience 24/7. You can control all your home with your smartphone, even if you are away. Our products are designed to ensure adequate energy management and power saving abilities. Products by VFACE are easily manageable by your smartphones, you can receive real time information about the usage and consumption if applicable. We also aim to provide you with security for your home. Monitor your home from a remote area and give yourself genuine peace of mind. A few frameworks will give you a chance to connect with your home's security framework, giving you with the capacity to arm and disable your home remotely. So, our products have a never ending list of features to offer you.

The Tire Pressure Management System is an electronic device to monitor the tire pressure and temperature. Regular monitoring of tire pressure is of at most important for vehicle safety and especially during hot weather. Tire temperature monitoring is paramount for personal safety during travel. There are so many accidents because they tire overheat and lack of a proper system to monitor it and inform the driver ahead of the catastrophe.

Our TPMS solution is developed with utmost care, reliability and very robust. Using state-of-the-art tire monitoring and radio frequency technology, our system provides its valued customers with Safety, Economy and Peace of Mind. Our TPMS systems ensure that your tires are always in the correct condition. This not only saves you money, but most importantly allows you to feel safe and secure when driving

Features :

- Very Quiet, 55dB! While most other robotic vacuum cleaners 70 dB mention all quiet.

- Two side brushes so they can clean well along the baseboards.

- A detachable antistatic duster (2 included).

- Working 60 minutes per charge

- 80mm height making him go well under furniture.

- Charging time: 3 - 4 hours.

- Easy to empty dust container of 350ml

- Suitable for hard floors.

Features :

- Auto Cleaning and Auto Charging.

- Schedule Cleaning : can set the cleaning time ahead of time.

- IR Wall : can prevent the robot from entering into off-limit area by launching a 4mtr special light band.

- Remote Controller : can control the robot much conveniently.

- Body design : Will offer best cleaning performance, especially for wall corner cleaning.

- Water tank : Will provide you with more efficient wet cleaning.

- Double cleaning modes : Combined with vacuuming mode and sweeping mode.

- Aluminium fan blades and professional fan motor : Can produce powerful suction, upto 14,000rpm.

- Humanized dust bin design : Easy -open & easy-clean.