VFACE provides turnkey solutions across various industries. By leveraging people and process with technology help us provide the best solutions for customer needs to improve profitability, reduce time constraints and increase the customer experience. VFACE provides consistent value proposition across multiple channels due the diversified nature of its business.


Using our vDeliver platform one can get their products or service next day to consumer straight from your factory. It is an organized product and service distribution and first of its kind in India. Distribution is the major challenge in India and its not easy for newcomers to distribute their products. A well established distributor may hesitate to distribute your product or service due to the high risk involved in the supply chain, whether you are new Enterprenur entering into business or the multinational conglomerate wants distribution in a well organized manner VFACE provides a turnkey solution for your need.


We provide idea development solution across multiple sectors. Every individual is a great inventor or discoverer. We all dreamt about an idea of fixing an existing problem or would have thought about a new product that's not available. If you have such ideas get in touch with us and who knows you could build the next billion dollar company that generate tremendous employment opportunities.