FMCG Products

VFACE also offers Fast Moving Consumer Goods to its customers that include small frequently consumed products such as eatables, oral care, personal care etc. For instance, we manufacture honey from raw honey without the use of any outside chemicals, which is the why all our products are chemical free especially those products that easily fall in the category, ‘natural’. We also manufacture palm sugar that is more beneficial than ordinary sugar because of the absence of any poisonous chemicals. Apart from honey and sugar, VFACE is also keen in manufacturing 100% chemical free chocolate, natural tea and other several chemical free food products.

Similarly we make chemical free oral care and personal care products. Our vision is to dive deep into the consumer market industry by providing chemical free products on all segment we enter. VFACE is the household name for chemical free products.

All of our products are well within the budget for ordinary customers, which makes VFACE a very cost effective company that offers products and services hand in hand at a very reasonable cost. Now, all of our FMCG products are manufactured under the supervision of our expert team to retain the highest standards. The taste of our products have no match and they have the appeal to make our clients buy from us again and again

VFACE process 100% natural forest honey as one of its FMCG products with no chemical processing used to keep the benefits of honey intact in a variety of different flavours. For many years, other multinational brands have remained on the top of list for exporting high quality forest honey whereas nowadays, VFACE has managed to earn this spot for itself because of the fine and quality efforts they put into its natural processing. We have an extensive network all over the globe; our wide range of products earned us acceptance in over no less than 45 countries across the globe including all of the major countries. We are also famous because of the creativity we put into our products with customizing facilities available for major parts of the world.

We own approved and well-equipped laboratories; with the total infrastructure comprising of plants, inbuilt ancillary units and office on a total land area of 16 acres. Our Scientific & hygienic Bee Keeping operations lead to the production of the best quality pure honey, our flavours of various floras proves to be a delight for connoisseur's taste buds. VFACE also provides quality beekeeping equipment and products at competitive rates.

VFACE manufactures chemical free chocolate as one of its FMCG products from cacao beans. Natural or Raw chocolate is basically the kind of chocolate that is in unroasted form and mixed up with some natural ingredients. Cacao is the item that is exceptionally high in vitamin C and omega-6 unsaturated fats. Upon boiling raw chocolate, all the natural ingredients it has loosens up, that is why processed chocolate only provides you with a high number of calories and nothing else. Processed chocolate lacks all the healthy benefits that comes with raw chocolate; though the taste of raw chocolate is not very appealing, it does not contain any harmful chemicals that are introduced in processed sugar.

Additionally, processed sugar can't help in controlling blood pressure but raw sugar can. Raw chocolate also acts as an anti-depressant agent which is why whenever you eat chocolate you think that all your worries are just gone. It really is not all bad for enjoying a sweet that comes with health and soothing benefits. Hence, if you really want these benefits, chemical chocolate by VFACE is the best option.

VFACE manufactures 100% natural palm sugar as one of its main FMCG products. The harmful effects of white sugar, more commonly known as white poison, are being identified because of research conducted by scientists over number of years. This has proved to be the turning point towards something safer and particularly more natural. One sweetener that has managed to gain the attention of individuals is coconut sugar, or coconut palm sugar. This sugar is made from the sweet liquid that's flowing in the branches of coconut trees. Our processing of sugar has two main steps involved.

White sugar is calorie rich with little or no nutrients. Whereas coconut sugar is processed in a natural way so it holds most of the vital nutrients and thus it proves to be a natural sweetener that will provide you with health benefits.

VFACE has all the processing infrastructure to ensure that the processing of natural sugar is carried out in clean hands. Our expert team regularly checks up all the matters to maintain high level of customer satisfaction among the consumers.

VFACE manufactures and produces 100% natural tea, with no caffeine introduced during the manufacture process, as one of its main FMCG products. Principled natural development, helps maintain ripe soil, lessens disintegration and streamlines water protection. This natural tea is rather very different from true or regular tea, i.e. black tea, white tea, etc., decaffeinated tea (type of tea in which there isn’t any caffeine) as it has no addictive properties . As common tea is produced using herbs, organic products and seeds, they have lower convergences of cancer prevention agents than green, white, dark, and oolong teas. Their concoction arrangements differ generally and they rely upon the plant utilized. Other than being a divine, warming, sans caffeine lift me-up, regular tea likewise has loads of awesome medical advantages. From alleviating a harried tummy to facilitating a sleeping disorder and quieting a beset mind, herbs have a wide range of recuperating forces. Drinking regular tea can likewise be an incredible wellspring of vitamins and minerals.

VFACE offers a variety of different flavours of natural teas and all of them are made accordingly with no chemical used to provide lots of health benefits. We have manufacturing plants to ensure that this process is carried out cleanly and under expert specialist supervision.

Ghee is prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cream, skimming any impurities from the surface, and then pouring and retaining the clear, still liquid fat, while discarding the solid residue that settled on the bottom. Our ghee is produced from traditional uthukli butter by the process of continuous boiling with slow flame. The texture, color, and taste of ghee depend on the quality of the butter, the source of the milk used in the process and the duration of the boiling. No extra ingredients are added to increase the taste or smell as the natural aroma is extremely pleasant and mouth watering.

Going by the policy of "All Natural" sourcing policy, VFACE introduces traditional uthukuli butter into its product protfolio. The flavour of the butter made from the buffalo is better, and the ghee is thicker since its fat content is little higher. Though cow butter is supposed to be more nutritious as it has more carotene and vitamins. Buffalo butter has more protein and calcium, but it also has more fat. Naturally processed butter and ghee is good for health and produces more aroma during cooking which makes food tasty.

Biscuits are made with wheat flour and added nuts with no artificial colors or sweeteners. Biscuits raw materials are sourced naturally which provides enormous health benefits and maintain the same taste.

It is made with our own food products such as honey, dairy products, palm sugar while peanuts and wheat are sourced outside.

Juze is the another flagship product from VFACE, based on the "Natural products" policy adopted for our other products too. Juze is 100% carbon-di-oxide free and prepared from natural syrup. The syrup consists of natural ingredients and fresh fruits with class 2 preservatives to maintain shelf life. The biggest challenge in food production is improving shelf life with natural preservatives and VFACE continue working in this particular area to achieve our goal of all-natural in soft drinks. A soft drink is a drink that typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener, and a natural or artificial flavoring. The sweetener may be sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, sugar substitutes or some combination of these. Soft drinks may also contain caffeine, colorings, preservatives, and other ingredients.

VFACE strives to avoid artificial flavoring and coloring. Soft drink cannot be bottled or distributed without preservative, however, we always prefer natural preservatives to avoid health risks. Our products are 100% caffeine FREE. Excessive sugar contents in the soft drinks posses a serious health risk which should be avoided by everyone and more specifically children.

All our soft drink products are childrens friendly and we take extra measure to allow world permissible limit of six spoons of sugar per day. With all these limitations, it is near impossible to make a soft drink that tastes better and suits everyone. VFACE always puts consumer health at the top most priority and strictly follow the compliance to produce healthy and tasty drink.

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