VFACE is a global enterprise in Information Technology headquartered in the UK, with operations over three countries. VFACE is not only limited to IT but it is operating in variety of other niches as well.

VFACE Store is an important medium of VFACE that thrives for rural empowerment and economic development.This project is basically about increasing job opportunities at a mass level in rural areas that will greatly benefit the economic development and advancement in these areas. VFACE focuses on the numerous factors of E-Commerce, E-Governance, etc. and then implement them to create and grow the direct and indirect employment opportunities in South India.

VFACE aims to become the most trust worthy and a sustainable company for both sectors; B2B and B2C and is thereby innovating and introducing variety of products. VFACE is planning to achieve this aim by exploiting open source technologies to generate more revenues. Secondly distribution of products at affordable prices in sectors like oral care and food sector will also be beneficial. VFACE is taking steps to promote the design and manufacture of electronic goods within the home country, India. Similarly, VFACE is planning to introduce new technologies that will help to generate electricity in India at a very low cost. Moreover, using the term; ‘Made in India’, for manufacturing various products and likewise using the very term for exporting products as well.

VFACE has set up numerous delivery points across South India; these are called VFACEs. VFACEs provide the perfect platform for the startups that will lead to the social development and advancement of rural and suburban areas in their respective localities. This project will lead to greater profits in rural and suburban areas that are usually given very less importance. VFACE is hoping to achieve these benefits by providing free workshops and training facilities that will lead to the development of strong interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills in entrepreneurs; this is going to benefit them in their startup in their own VFACE. VFACE will provide more products and services to enhance the direct and indirect employment and ultimately resulting in more employment opportunities in rural and suburban areas than ever before. VFACE also encourages Women Empowerment as it is providing services and products to women that will help them run their VFACE effectively and efficiently. Women will be having more services so that they can come in the competition just after their startups.

The VFACE store space that are going to open up across South India will range most likely around 150 to 500 Squares feet. Clearly, VFACE will use VFACE for showcasing their products that will promote direct interaction and communication between VFACE and the retailers and consumers. The products by VFACE in VFACE will be following mainly B2B model; similarly, the services will be generally catered by B2C model. In this way, VFACE will be acting as a catalyst for VFACE and thus will be able to render some quality customer services to customers and their partners. VFACE confides in developing and promoting the items as opposed to simply exchanging the items as VFACE believes that customers are the reason behind the growth of the market. Product and service progression is dependent on the quality of service provided to the customers. Hence, VFACE will itself hold its own importance and similarly provide VFACE with the main benefits.

VFACE Store Front

Delivery Points

In order to distribute the exclusive, innovative products and services Vface is setting up Delivery Points (VFACE) across South India. As a corporate, Vface strongly believes in entrepreneurship to promote social economic development in rural and sub-urban areas. Vface would like to improve the profitability of village level entrepreneur mainly in rural and suburban followed by urban areas. The main objectives and goals of the project are:


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VFACE Services

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3rd Party Services

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VFACE provides Product distribution services to its clients to help them in distributing their products. This facility is most likely to benefit entrepreneurs who don’t have the infrastructure to distribute either their products or some 3rd party products.

Distribution is not given the required attention most of the time during the development and design process and marketers neglect the importance of distribution. They put all their focus in making quality products, many marketers consider that customers will buy only those products that are of high quality. The real issue is that retailers never get excited by the idea of giving their space to some new product; they will rather give their shelf-space to those products that have gained the customers trust over the years. In other words, retailers don’t very easily trust the acceptance of new products so they keep on resisting. VFACE understand this fact and thus has provided its client with some quality product distribution services.

VFACE will consider doing whatever it will take to make sure that your product is sold in a seamless way. We will adopt adequate and proper logistics and marketing activities to distribute your product without any hassle. We take pride in ourselves to satisy the customer and be honest. We get the job done right, consistently, no matter whatever happens. So once you have placed your product in our hands it will be handled with great care and distributed quickly, efficiently, and economically, 100% of the time.

VFACE stores act as a facilitation center for our beloved farmers. Our main goal is to cut middlemen and source products directly from farmers and sell through VFACE stores, so farmers get the maximum price for their hard worked products. We extend our support for farmers doing soil test and given them a technical know-how for the products that may be grown on their land based on the soil test report. We act as a bridge between government agencies and farmers to provide state of art customer services. We aim to be a one-stop-shop to meet all the requirement of farmers.

VFACE also provides various services to perform research by conducting online surveys for market research, customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, design, administration and reporting. Research leaves a huge impact on the business because it guides the development of products and procurement of services according to the needs and requirements of the clients. Not only does it provide a guide to the right marketing plan for your organization but it also helps to find areas of improvement according to customer desires. Thus, you need to have qualified research that can fill all your needs; VFACE can do just that. We have all the qualified and professional researchers to meet your business requirements.

We provide a vertically integrated array of professional services focused toward the completion of quantitative research projects. We do not offer any sort of research that is not on the shelf but we have managed to customize our services according to your requirements; we have the adequate competencies to carry out surveys and research in a wide area of industry with high levels of accuracy. Be it a questionnaire based survey or some expert interviews for your niche, VFACE will conduct it efficiently and provide you with the results in any format as per your desires.

VFACE is a company that offers a wide range of facilities for transportation and touring options varying from choosing your transportation type to reserving your very own spot at a hotel; be it any personal or public event, our services encompass a whole range and will cater for all your needs. VFACE hopes to empower the Indian traveller with the idea of booking your transportation instantly with a numerous number of options to choose from as well as the charm of booking your accommodation in just one click. We aim to provide the products and services that can meet the customers standards and the latest technology with 24/7 customer support system. We look forward to the feedback from our customers. This helps us excel in our field and stand apart from the rest.

You can book your tickets online, make your hotel reservations, or can go for both of them at the same time. You can choose the type of transportation you want, i.e. either by air or by train or even by bus. You can make reservations for each and every type and plan up your holidays to the fullest. VFACE wants that its clients can enjoy their travelling to their fullest and make the maximum out of it and this is the why we never compromise on the service we are providing to our clients.

VFACE has also managed to provide private home based services to its clients where they can book experts and professionals to fulfil their needs. Our services include electrical services and maintenance, plumbing facilities, beauty-based services, repairing of appliances, laundry services, car and bike related services, carpentry issues, repairing of computers, fitness based facilities, home cleaning activities, painting services, and pest control services. You can avail any of these facilities by just sharing your need with us and providing us with the relevant information. You will have to provide us with a free slot in your time schedule so that our experts can handle the assigned tasks and you can relax and sit back.

At VFACE, our only focus is our customers and clients. Our professionals are not hired before verification and validation of their backgrounds and provided information so that we can ensure that your safety is always met. Secondly, we only hire those professionals who have adequate knowledge, desired qualifications and experience in this respective field. So, our whole team is the blend of qualification and experience only to ensure customer satisfaction. VFACE wants that its client’s life can be made easier and this is the why we never compromise on the service we are providing to our clients.

VFACE is a trusted community marketplace that defines a relation between drivers with empty seats to co-travellers looking for a ride. A large number of people use VFACE to create new innovations in the travel industry , that is more likely people oriented rather than organization oriented. With our dedicated customer service and an integrated mobile and web platform of increasing customers, VFACE is making travel activities more social, more cost effective and more efficient for millions of customers.

We are a community built on trust in which you can choose whom you want to travel with and ensure if they have a verified profile or not, you can even check out their ratings and find out more about them. You can also get in touch with our team of service providers 24/7 so that you won’t face any issue during your travelling experience. We also offer separate transportation and car rentals for women in which only women can travel with each other. VFACE wants that to ensure that its client’s experience is worth it and they will only choose VFACE for further provision of services because of the trustful relations that have been developed between them.

VFACE also provides banking services to its clients in which clients can view live charts, world indices, market pulse, or they can contact with expert teams to find the best choice. They can even benefit from various financial services provided to them. Similarly, VFACE also provides 3rd party services for taxation related facilitation services.

VFACE is one of the pioneering insurance broking houses offering extensive variety of insurance items as indicated by the particular needs of the customers. VFACE offers all the real life and non-extra security results of all the main insurance organizations that VFACE has partnered itself with, covering just about the whole range of dangers that an individual, a little neighbourhood business or a noteworthy corporate or multinational may confront. We help you think about different insurance arrangements and limit down on your decision of the strategy that best suits your requirements.

VFACE procures its clients with E-Governance; which is the provision of quality information and high standard of service delivery that will help to encourage new advanced technologies to make the systems more accountable, transparent and effective for the clients. VFACE aims to improve the internal organisation by providing quality information and services, reinforcing accountability in the organization and thereby increasing the reach for the common man which will promote it worldwide.

VFACE also provides 3rd party services for taxation related facilitation services. Similarly VFACE also provides banking services to its clients in which clients can view live charts, world indices, market pulse, or they can contact with expert teams to find the best choice. They can even benefit from various financial services provided to them.